Share My Creation atHome - App for Domoticz Home Automation

Note: This app is replaced by the Domoticz Quick Viewer.



To create a flexible Home Automation Android & Windows App to view & control devices atHome.
  • atHome is a private project building a Home Automation Solution
  • based on Domoticz Home Automation System v4, running on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ Stretch
  • atHomeApp is created with B4A v8.50 and B4J v6.51
  • Open Source GNU Lesser General Public License
  • First private showcase learning Mobile Development B4A / B4J + XUI
  • Make the app as generic as possible, means the data of the Domoticz server should be used as is without making dedicated changes in the app
  • Keep the App SIMPLE – not overcomplicating - fast access to view & control is key

There is a B4A & B4J version with same functionality.

More information about this app can be found in forum B4A Share My Creation here.


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