iOS Question Attempt to insert nil object from objects[2] error


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I have a code that reads a row from a table in the database.
Let's say we have 2 fields with timestamps Start, Finish.

In some cases Finish doesn't have a timestamp and this field has NULL as a value.

My code
dim MySQL as String
dim Start as string,Finish as String,Schedule as String
dim rs as ResultSet

MySQL="SELECT Start,Finish from tblSchedule where id=?"
rs=SQL1.ExecuteQuery2(MySQL,Array as String(1))

Do While rs.NextRow



'I'm creating a parameters string that will be sent to the server with HttpJob
Schedule="Start=" & Start
Schedule=Schedule & "&Finish=" & Finish ' Here is problem string - line 19

Line 19 has a problerm. As I said in some cases Finish has a value NULL in the database and when I read it string Finish gets value <nil> so when I try to add it to the string Schedule it crashes with the error message -[__NSPlaceholderArray initWithObjects:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[2].

But if I put a breakpoint to line 19 or to any lines before and run the same code with the same values it doesn't crash. I tried 5 times - the same result.

Is it a bug? I'm using version 7.80.



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Nulls and strings don't play well together. Best to get rid of the null as soon as possible.

Something like:
MySQL="SELECT Start, IFNull(Finish, '') from tblSchedule where id=?"
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