Android Question Auto backups name

fernando gibert

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Hi Erel,

Yesterday I posed a thread in the spanish fórum about this.

The idea is pretty good but has a Little inconvinient i.e.

in the name "backup 2019-mm-dd" it could be much better to configure the name as "backup MYPROJECT date time . zip"

I was looking for a Project in w10 and as it is in the "zip" file , Windows explorer nor "total commander" could find files and

notice "file not found" was shown.

Searching into those zip finally it was found !!!

thanks alot!

fernando gibert

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The whole project dissapeared as itsef.
Just where 5 copies backup date time .zip

As said the project.b4a was erased and just copied to the set of 5 copies.
The original one dissapeared.
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