auto show combobox list?


hi any possibility to open the combobox list on focusing itself? I mean i'd like when some one write something on the textbox the list shows (just like when you click on the down arrow)

let me know! thanks!


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It is possible but NOT directly from Basic4ppc...
Most likely from a custom comboxbox dll, with a "simulate click" method.

I found this prop in msdn docs, but I don't know it it is accessible trought the door lib...
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Ricky D

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My autocomplete combo

Hi there mate.

I can add that to my autocombo then I'll put it up on the Libraries thread.

I haven't implemented the items functionality yet. I haven't needed yet. If you need it I'll look at it.
Also the font stuff isn't done too.

I'll create a ShowDropdown method that accepts true to show it and false to hide it.

How does that sound to you?

I wrote it in C# using VS2005

regards, Ricky

This version uses a normal combobox and a textbox.
I created one in VB 2 years ago before they made their own comboboxes autocomplete on the desktop and it used a textbox, button and a listbox.
The textbox is where the user types. The button shows/hides the listbox which has the actual values.
I'll create a version of the current one to use this way and then I certainly can offer a ShowDropdown method.
As I work 12-13 hours each day for 6 days a week I don't have much time so this could be 2 weeks away.
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