B4A Class Automated synchronous FTP-client

Automated synchronous FTP-client based on standard FTP-object.
  • Periodical auto-synchronization of files from a chosen root folder on a FTP server: ZIP-like files (.zip, .apk, .xlsx...) integrity is checked and if corrupted - the ZIP-file is re-downloaded.
  • Manual upload, download and deletion of a file: make files queue
  • Errors handling, event-driven log: check and control each file and its status
It's the first release - any updates are welcome to this topic.
Depedencies in B4A 10.0+:

The class is included into a test project.
Note that you need your own FTP-server account to test, setting the host, login, password of it into the code.

0.14 - errors counters and limit are added: network errors and ZIP-file integrity errors. If counter > limit - re-connect (re-downloading corrupted ZIP-file) loop is stopped.
0.13 - all manual operations can be queued, and Activity is with the files list to check the local_folder synchronized with FTP. Zero-sized files are removed.
0.12 - manual downloads cannot be in a queue


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v.0.14 is published.
Before it the uploading and deleting manual functions worked in the queue, but the downloading - only for a single file.
Here in v.0.14. i have debugged well all functions, and the interface (Activity) now helps to check all actions: taps make a single file operations, and long-tap - makes queue operations - several files are uploaded, downloaded or deleted. The files list - it's content of the local_folder where FTP files are synchronized - each second it's visible what downloaded or deleted, or updated.
Also added one more error handling and errors counter.

Now it needs to test well, especially with big files and unstable Internet connection.
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