Wish Automatically add Time prefix for each line in log list


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It would be very helpful if there was a checkbox added to the bottom of the Log tab (similar to the "Filter" checkbox) that when ticked, it will prefix each line in the log list with the time (to the millisecond) that each line was added to the log list.

This checkbox should instantly display the time for each line in the log list even for lines that were added before this checkbox was checked. This would allow us to keep this feature off to not add clutter to the list, but then instantly allow us to see the time of each of the already displayed lines simply by checking this box.

The immediate benefit of this would be a [no additional code needed] benchmark system that would show how much time occurred between log entries that might show performance bottlenecks without having to manually put a bunch of extra log(DateTime.Now) lines in the code.

It would also help illustrate how long ago certain lines were added to the log to help distinguish different code, debug, resume, debug sessions where the log list is not cleared between each different rerun of code during real-time debugging.

For users that do not want the time prefix to be displayed, they can simply keep this unchecked.
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