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I want to display battery empty to battery fully charged and battery charging

I am using fonts 0xF240,0xF241,0XF242,0xF243,0xF244 for battery full to empty but there is no equivalent for battery charging that I can find, At present I'm using 0xF271 but it does not look fit for purpose.
Any alternatives that anyone knows about or could I add to awesome fonts


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Are you sure the mentioned are part of the free fontawesome font? On their page i see a lot of icons which are only in PRO version?

The grayed out Icons are only PRO

Attached a copy of the included Icons (file can be found in B4A installdir)



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There are actually a few free FontAwesome characters that I have needed, and couldn't find in the default B4A font set. This may be because FontAwesome is always adding new fonts, and there's really no way to keep this updated.

I really needed this American Football icon for a project of mine. (This is a free FontAwesome icon.)

However, whenever I search "ball" in the designer or use 0xf44e, it would pull up the invalid character symbol. The only ball that is present is this one:

Easy solution, build your own font set with the characters you need and import it:

1. Download the newest FontAwesome character set (
2. Pick out which individual SVG's you would like to use, and create your own TTF assigning them characters, like "A", "B", "C". (
3. Import that TTF into your project as a CustomFonts, and use it with your labels and whatnot:
    navSports.Typeface = CustomAPPFonts.SetCustomFonts
    navSports.Text = "B"
This way you don't have to import another entire FontAwesome TTF to get those few icons that didn't make it to the B4A character set yet. You can also mix in characters from other font sets ;)

@DonManfred Whoops, I didn't realize it wasn't a free font. There have been a couple of free fonts that weren't available for me though :(
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