B4A Library Ayfie Library - Free text translation, summary and keyword extraction service

This library allows you to summarize text, translate text and find names of institutions, people, etc. in a text, you can also integrate it yourself in your projects, the way to integrate it is explained on the official page of the api:
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If you want to try it here is an example


Named Entity Extraction

Named Entity extraction (NER) is a technique used to extract textual entities from a body of text.

With our Entity Extractor you can fast and easy find entities such as date, location, organization, and named persons. Entities are also often used as input data for other features such as query completion and “did you mean” spell checking.

Language Translation

Translate any text you want with our Translator; we support ~100 languages. Please note that the expected time for processing a request can be 10-30 seconds during the beta testing period.​

Abstractive Summarization

Get the important facts and ideas highlighted in an executive summary by our Summarizer.

We have trained the Summarizer on a significant volume of news articles and it's an English-speaking bleeding edge tech solution. Summarizing language models come in two varieties: extractive and abstractive. Our main model is abstractive, meaning that it can write new sentences in addition to extracting the most relevant ones from the text.

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