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Yesterday I started to receive errors from Avast Antivirus when I compiled a project with B4A 4.0 that got installed on my device.

Avast reports "1 problem found" in its notification entry. If I go inside Avast by selecting the notification entry, it shows « B4A Example Suspicious file detected - Cloud Reputation [Susp] ». This is with a simple compilation (either debug or release) of a newly created, unmodified project.

Of course, I know there is no problem but was wondering if any of you had the same error. I'm wondering that If I update my app and distribute it to users that runs Avast that they may complains and worst start receiving bad reviews.

I uninstalled Avast and re-installed it. The definition was dated 141111 instead or 150108. I tried the same test and did not receive any warning. As soon as I updated the virus definition file and tried it again, I got the warning. So i know the problem is on their side.

I think that someone from Anywhere Software should check with Avast as to why it detects a suspicious file in B4A projects.

It's hard to get a good ratings for our apps and un-experimented users may report 1 star rating if they happen to experience this same error.

If you have the same error, please let me know.


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I use Avast aswell and never had this issue, must be some library you included that's triggering something.

Maybe you should exclude your sources/projects folder?
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I just included a few libs:

Core (4.01 of course), Http (1.36), HttpUtils (2.01), RandomAccessFile (2.00), StringFunctions (1.05)

This is not a real issue for me, but annoying :-(
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