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I am in the process of installing B4A , following the instructions carefully. I have B4A installed and working on the PC (Windows 10 20H2)
However, I've got a strange problem with B4A Bridge.
I installed the B4A Bridge app on a Zebra TC72L Device running Android 10.
When I try to connect, B4A on the PC says it Trying to connect.... then it connects for about a second... and then disconnects.... and then it reconnects....over and over.
I dont see anything else happening on the IDE other than that.
If I enable FTP on the Zebra Device, B4A on the pc can connect and see the files just fine.
On the PC. I can ping the Zebra device on port 6789, so i know the wireless is working.
I just cant figure out why I cant get the bridge to connect and begin developing.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....I cant seem to find anyone else with this kind of issue.



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Thanks for the reply Erel

Yes, one instance of IDE was running while trying to connect.
Troubleshooting further I tried connecting to a different Android device, a Razer Phone with Android 9, same result.
I installed B4A on a brand new laptop running Windows 11 - Same result connecting to the same Zebra Device.
Then I finally found my Eureka moment. I went back to the original development PC and let it try to connect to the Zebra Device and proceeded to create a new project.
Then I started the designer and the WYSIWYG Designer.
The B4A Designer app gets pushed to the device and Everything connected and worked fine as intended.
From now on the device connects and stays connected when I go to Tools>B4A Bridge>Connect
It seems like you have to make an initial connection with a project and then you wont get the Connect -Disconnect loop anymore.

I did more forum searching and ultimately found a post where someone had the same issue and they told how to go to USB drivers for the device and connect to USB first, and then the wifi will connect. I didn't have to do any of that. Just start a new project and start the Designer worked for me.

Im getting ready to start a new big project so Im sure Ill be back reading and maybe with a question or two. Its nice to have an active community to work with.

Cheers! šŸ‘
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