Android Question B4A, got errors when compiling


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Hi Guys

I'm clueless about what can be wrong.
For no reason I've start getting errors about the ADV when compiling
It first started with

ADB Server didn't ACK
* failed to start deamon ***

Searching the Forum, I've tried all possiblities
Last Night, I again, un-installed everything. Android SDK, B$A and re-install again and setup B4A

Now , I come across a new error when try to compile. I've check, recheck my paths etc.
Everything is installed as it was before, just newer version. See Attached Pictures
No New Software nothing installed after last successfull run...

Please advice

Thanks, Appreciate



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Hi Guys
Just a follow up.

Uninstall Android SDK
Uninstall B4A
Uninstall Mobogenie (Which has been on the pc for a while, but might have updated)
Restart PC
Install b4A
Install latest Android SDK
Update to latest SDK files
Setup,Designer and emulator en compiling works 100%

I will install Mobigenie again, and see if it were the problem app
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