Android Question B4A : TCP Client To RS232 (FTDI USB to RS232)


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Hi All,

Is there any manual or sample code for TCP Client To RS232 (FTDI USB to RS232)?

I need to make a connection betwen my power meter with the reading software in server,
the power meter used rs232 for comunication baudrate=2400 parity=even stopb=1 ,
then the reading meter software used tcp server(listen).



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Not that I am aware of.

You need to set them up separately in the same app: TCP connection to a server and USB-232 terminal

Once each one of them works separately, just link what you get from one to the other and the opposite (taking care that both connections are open and such things)
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This sounds sort of like what one of my apps does.

I have an app that is designed to link to an eStim unit, which has a serial port. The connection from the Android device is via a cable with the FTDI chip in it (and a USB host adaptor). To allow remote access, the app also listens on a TCP port for incoming connections, and when one is received, it passes all data from the TCP port to the serial, and vice versa.

Does that sound fairly similar to what you're doing?

Obviously, there's a lot of extra bits going on in my code (not least because the app can be used to connect to as a client via TCP, as well as a server), but the fundamentals aren't too tricky.

I use AsyncStreamsText to process the data, and the USBSerial library to drive the cable.

I have two services in the app - one is called 'estim', and handles the communication between device and the estim unit over the local cable. This is how it works (and sets up the server option, which is via the 'listener' service
Dim stimStream As AsyncStreamsText
Dim connected As Boolean = False
Dim estimUSB As UsbSerial

        If = estimUSB.USB_DEVICE Then
           connected = True
           ' start the listener, if necessary
           If StateManager.GetSetting2("enableServer","") = "yes" Then
             ' start the server if necessary
             Select StateManager.GetSetting("listenVia")
               Case "BROKER"
               Case "PEBBLE"
                 If pk.isWatchConnected = True Then
                 End If
               Case Else
             End Select
           End If          
           connected = False
           ToastMessageShow("Error opening USB connection",True)
         End If

In the service start sub for the listener, I initialise the connection like this:

     serverIP = serverTCP.GetMyWifiIP
     ToastMessageShow("Listening for connections on " & serverIP,True)

And in the NewText sub for the tcp stream, I pass the received data back to the estim service, where a function called sendStimCommand passes it to the USB stream with the .write function for the AsyncStreamText object


Similarly, in the NewText sub for the serial stream, I call a sub in the listener to push the data back through the TCP port:

  If listener.serverConnected Then
  End if
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