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hi community I wanted to know if the b4ibridge works on public networks. I am on a public network.

The IDE shows my iphone and its ip, and I display the designer layout correctly but when I open the app for testing I get this error:
Error detecting token: Communication error: ConnectFailure
Anyone know how to fix?
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I quite often carry out B4i development when I am travelling away from home whilst staying in hotels. You can never guarantee that both your laptop and development device are connected to the same wireless access, or that any access point will support peer to peer operation.

To get around the issue I use VirtualRouter. This ensures that a stable IP address is available with all traffic in/out going through the host laptop. The downside of this method is that some public access points disconnect after a few minutes of inactivity. When you force the host to reconnect the Virtual Router often changes the IP assignment for the device so the B4i bridge has to reconnect to the new address. Inconvenient but workable.
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