Other B4i v6.50 BETA is available for download


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I'm happy to release B4i v6.50 BETA.
This update includes several changes that are needed to meet Apple, soon to be forced, requirements as well as IDE improvements:

  • Internal WebView is now based on WKWebView. There is also a new EvaluateJavaScript method.
  • Launch images were removed and replaced with a launch story board. In most cases you can keep the default white one as apps start very quickly anyway.
    With this change the apps will run with the full resolution on all devices.
  • HttpJob.ErrorMessage returns the server response when there are errors and the response is still available.
  • IDE shows messages about available updates:


  • All the IDE windows preserve their layout.
  • Search results font can be changed in the font picker dialog.
  • Other minor IDE improvements and bug fixes.

Developers who are eligible for a free upgrade will receive an email with update instructions.


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I'm getting error: Provisioning profile "dev" doesn't support the In-App Purchase capability. (in target 'B4iProject' from project 'B4iProject') when compiling. Tried the primary and secondary build server.
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