Other B4i v7.50 BETA has been released


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I'm happy to release a new version of B4i.
This update brings the recent IDE performance improvements, new language features and more.

  • IDE performance - several cases where the typing speed became slow were fixed. The speed difference in those cases is significant.
  • IIf - Inline If, also called ternary if as it is an operator with three arguments.
    Label1.Text = IIf(TextField1.Text <> "", TextField1.Text, "Please enter value")
  • As - Inline casting. Allows inline casting from one type to another. Some examples:
    Dim Buttons As List = Array(Button1, Button2, Button3, Button4, Button5)Dim s As String = Buttons.Get(2).As(B4XView).Text
    Buttons.Get(2).As(B4XView).Text = "abc"
    Dim j As String = $"{"data": {
    "key1": "value1",
    "complex_key2": {
    "key": "value2"
    "items": [0, 1, 2]
    Dim parser As JSONParser
    Dim m As Map = parser.NextObject
    Dim value1 As String = m.Get("data").As(Map).Get("key1")
    Dim value2 As String = m.Get("data").As(Map).Get("complex_key2").As(Map).Get("key")
    Dim FirstItemInList As String = m.Get("items").As(List).Get(0)
    For Each item As Int In m.Get("items").As(List)
    More information: https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4j-v9-10-beta-is-available-for-download.132170/#content
  • b4xlibs support class templates, this makes it possible to add B4XPages classes from B4i.
  • Updated internal libraries: iWebSocket, iFirebaseAuth, iFacebook, iDebug2 and iCore.
  • Bug fixes and other minor improvements.

Developers who are eligible for free upgrades will receive an email with a link to the beta version.