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I would like to achive absolute value from for example 4.12345 (has to be 4 )
I am writeing like this:
Dim A As Double
A = 4.12345
Log (Abs(A))

Result of Log is also 4.12345

What I am doing wrong ?


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Abs make a negative value positive ;)


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Thank you Markus. It is always a nice thing to stay in contact.
In this case it was absolutely my foult, I can't eplain in rational way.
Maybe because:
- I have no contact with math so many years
- There is a confusion in math descriptions in English and my mother tonge (Polish)
- I have written a question before I think enaugh (most probable)

Anyway, problem with Abs is solved and thank you again for your note. Who knows what will be if I will try more sophisticated operations ?)

Kind regards