B4J Question B4J on Linux - missing Glibc_2


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Please help...
In B4J, I developed an application that we use both on Windows desktop and on Linux stations (Linux is on Debian 10 LTS system). I did the development on a Windows station, then used B4JPackager11 to create a version for Linux (for this, I used Linux Mint desktop, where I installed OpenJDK 11 and JavaFX). And this has been working fine all along. Now, my development station "crashed", I had to install a new version of Linux Mint. I can translate the package normally, create a JAR, and it also runs on Linux Mint.

BUT when I transfer this application to DEBIAN 10, THE SYSTEM GIVES ME AN ERROR: missing Glibc_2.33 and Glibc_2.34?

What do I need to do on my development Linux so that the app works on older Debian stations as well?
Thank you for your help...


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Try installing a lower version of linux mint
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