My Source Code Compilation

I am not sure it is appropriate to post here. Some one asked me to list all my source code so I thought to create a post (for my "followers").
This post is to list some of the posts I have posted in this forum (that I think are useful).
(List latest updated since Jan 2021. I will add in more older post when I have time)

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[B4X] User Login App + [B4J] MySQL API Server (Key + Token)

[B4A] B4A Bridge (Reskinned UI)

[B4A] User Login + MySQL PHP API

[B4i] Aco (source code)

[B4i] Todo List (source code)

[B4J] Creating My Own DDNS Solution
p/s: Source code not available yet

[B4J] B4JQuiz - Desktop App

[B4J] JQuiz - API Server / Web Service for B4XQuiz (with SSL)

[B4J] jAdmin (MySQL Database Admin)

Code Snippet

[B4A] How to download text in a file.txt from a server

[B4i] Get country Code

[B4J] JRDC2 connect to MSSQLLocalDb

Answers / Tips (worth reading)

[B4A] (ask) jdbc url dynamic database and implementation

[B4A] how to update db with jrdc2 (MSSQL)

[B4A] Date time parse [SOLVED]

[B4A] Database update when installing the application

[B4A] Android Emulator for MacOS 📱💻

[B4A] Remove Views

[B4i] httpjob error (HttpJob demo and Mini server)

[B4i] Getting started with B4i from B4A. Where to start?

[B4J] Simple Console IO in B4J?

[B4J] B4J jar to Linux

[B4J] read xml files

[B4J] jRDC2 is it safe?

[B4J] [jRDC] SELECT column name with special characters from MySQL

[B4J] B4J Server Redirect After Registration Confirmation

[B4J] HttpJob StreamReader (TextReader) to JSON

[B4J] [Databases] How can I store ONLY the last 20 records for each unique key?


[B4J] [Solved][Server] Warning when using mysql-connector-java-5.1.49-bin

[B4J] ServletResponse has ended when calling SMTP.Send

[B4J] 3DPrinter simulator and monitoring server

[B4J] jRDC Client

[P H P] Send Email using PHPMailer

Advice following a tutorial

Naming variables

POST vs GET request (google translate rapidapi)

Save Image to Database using jRDC2

Call stored procedure in jRDC2


[B4J Tutorial] [Server] Using Let's Encrypt on Ubuntu VPS


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