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Hi all,
I want to implement serial port communication in B4J.
I have gone through chat sample application downloaded from http://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/jserial-library.34762/
but i still have following queries.

a.How can we specify input and output buffer size?
b.In asyncstream_newdata event,it is showing only 16 bytes in buffer array.
how can we retrieve other recieved bytes if received data length exceeds 16 bytes?
c.How to poll the length of receive buffer in case event based communication is not used.
(streamtotal property is there but it is showing as 0 and in intellisense it is showing as valid only in prefix mode.)

Thanks in advance.


yes erel,
i actually received 36 bytes of data (when viewed through serial port monitor application) on port.
But in asyncstream_newdata event procedure Buffer argument value is showing only as a 16 byte array.
I also put a log statement to check how many times that event is raised,but it is raised only one time and with 16 bytes of buffer data array.

Where have other 20 bytes gone?

Am i missing anything?..

Please suggest some workaround as i am new to this B4J platform.
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