Other B4J v2.50 BETA is available for download


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B4J v2.50 BETA is now available for download.

This update includes the following improvements:
  • Code obfuscation (same as in B4A).
  • Rapid debugger memory handling was rewritten to provide better performance and to avoid memory leaks.
  • Support for constants: Dim Const x As Int = 2
  • New animation methods: SetLayoutAnimated and SetAlphaAnimated:

  • IsDevTool keyword.
  • Libraries list - Checked libraries are listed at the top of the list.
  • Duplicate line shortcut - Ctrl + D.
  • AutoComplete shortcut - Ctrl + \ (same as Ctrl + Space).
  • Hide other modules option when right clicking on the module header.
  • CurrentStatement and breakpoints colors are configurable in the xml file.
  • New logo.

This is a beta version. You are advised to backup your projects before loading them in the new version.

You can download the beta version here: www.b4x.com/b4j/files/beta.exe

The animation example is attached.



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B4J was great out of the box but it is really coming of age with every update....as a good ordinary coder the animations are a real bonus (in B4a as well). I hope all especially Erel have a break for Xmas and enjoy the fruits of their labor.


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Thank you for your concerns :) Don't worry I don't work too hard. B4J and B4A (and B4i to a lesser degree) share a large portion of the source code. So it is not very difficult to update B4J after updating B4A.

why you dont make a design like b4a and b4i on b4j? its hard?
There are several reasons:
1. There is a good designer already tool available.
2. JavaFX UI is quite complicated with all the CSS styling. It would have required a lot of work to implement a powerful tool.
3. B4A and B4i visual designer and the designer scripts are more suitable for "static" screens. The available size can change from time to time but the changes are discreet. This is not the case in a desktop app where the user can resize the form.


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Hi Erel, I am proposing B4j to have more server side functionality rather than a desktop application's vision. What is missing .... the harbinate orm functionality, a web framework like spring, Jsf or vaadin.

Also I would like to propose to create a separate a market place for both b4a, b4i and b4j and the possibility to protect module and class code from editing or review. So to have the ability to sell officially our work on other programmers.