Other B4J v4.20 is available for download


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I'm happy to release B4J v4.20.
The full version can be downloaded here: https://www.b4x.com/b4j.html

This version adds support for custom views.


More information: [B4X] Custom Views with Enhanced Designer Support

Other improvements:

- CSSUtils module is now included as a library.
- OkHttp and jOkHttpUtils2 are also included. There are two versions of jOkHttpUtils2 included. One for UI apps and one for non-ui apps.
- View.Parent property.
- Bugs and other minor improvements.

Mark Read

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@Erel, great work. How about taking a breather, you are updating quicker than i can read the new functions!:D
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Dear Erel,
Just tried it! Excellent as usual! Actually I was going to report (for previous version) that the internal designer showed transparent form when windows aero effects are enabled. This version solves that problem. This may also be put under change list (enhancements).
warm regards,
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