B4PPC with HP iPAQ Hx2100 Series


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I was out shopping today and saw a special for Xmas and it was a HP iPAQ Hx2100 Series Pocket PC with Windows Mobile 5. The price was great as it was under half price, selling out old stock!

I dont have much experience with Pocket PC equipment so would appreciate any advice from the members of the forum.

Would B4PPC work well this model PPC?

Are there any known general problems with the HP iPAQ product?

It does not have phone so that is a drawback.
However, are there Cards you can buy to plug into the HP iPAQ PPC to use phone/internet?

I notice 3G internet Cards/sticks advertised on the TV for laptops etc!

Anyone with any experience on this equipment know if it can be used with phone/internet by means of add ons??

Thanks for any info...

paul j

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I own a hx2190 and B4ppc works fine. Only to use the outlook_ppc.dll doesn't work. I still have to figur out why not.


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It said on the box it had bluetooth and also mentioned Email.

So I guess it cant be used for internet without the wifi.

Thanks for info.