B4R Question B4R Beta 4: First Log Entry appears twice


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Sub Process_Globals
   Public Serial1 As Serial                         'Serial conenction with the Arduino
   Private LEDPin As Pin                            'Output pin which has a LED connected that will blink
   Private LEDPinNumber As Byte = 0x0D  'Pin number used. pin 13 (byte 0x0D) is Arduino onboard LED
   Private BlinkTimer As Timer                    'Timer for the blink sequence
   Private BlinkTimerInterval As ULong = 2  'Timerinterval in seconds
End Sub

Private Sub AppStart
    'Init the serial connection
    'Important: Log should start after the serial connection has been initialized
    Log("AppStart - LED Pin ", LEDPinNumber, " blink every ", BlinkTimerInterval, " seconds")

The Log shows:
AppStart - LE blink every 2 seconds
AppStart - LED Pin 13 blink every 2 seconds
CurrentState: 0
NewState: 1