B4R Question B4r Library "rESP8266WiFi v1.32" problem


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Hello everybody,

I have problems with the library "rESP8266WiFi v1.32".

Is there a timeout in the method: ESP8266WiFi.Connect3?
After a longer time the ESP8266 connects also to my network, when i deactivate the WLAN of the first Router with the MAC Address i specified in "connect3"
Should not be a "can not connect" appere?

It seams that the ESP ignores the specified MAC and connects to the second Repeater.
Is this a Bug?

Is there a way to proof, to wich MAC the ESP is connected?

Thank You


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Hello Erel,

I used the following Code:

Dim BSSID() As Byte = Array As Byte("00:00:00:00:00:00")
If WiFi.Connect3("Delink", "test123", 0, BSSID) = True Then
    Log("Connected successfully with IP : ", WiFi.LocalIp)
    Log("Error connecting to Network")
End If

The connect needs long time but it connects to my Network without an error message.
The MAC Address is definitly wrong.

It seams that the "connect3" ignores the MAC and uses only the SSID and Password.
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