B4R Question B4r Serialization Array out of bounds


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I have finally captured an out of bounds event.. I am sending an array of integers from a B4a App to an ESP32 using B4r Serialization class and prefix mode astreams.

In one case I send a command 2,18 and the rest in zeros. This is a key(2 = command) and a command number (18) that requests a response from the ESP32 to validate the communications. In this case standard Bluetooth.


This is the error captured from logs in the astream_data input showing the buffer size and the hex of the buffer. (The Running Profile count is an internal log)
You can see on the last entry that there are 4 bytes 00 placed after the 7E header, which must be before transmission, and which results in the fail at the reception end.

I have looked at B4r serialization class program but out of my depth here. Can anyone suggest what is going wrong.