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This wish goes to those who deal with the documentation of B4X or B4R.

Please include a note for valid file names and path details. There are no spaces in all file names and path information, otherwise the LOG function in the LOG window of the IDE is not supported.

I had spent half a day with the problem. Searching through the documentation, booklets, yielded no solution. Search function of the forum was not available because there was no internet. The upload works so it can not be due to the hardware or connection. For other projects, without spaces in the project name, everything worked as expected.

Thanks for including the note

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Thanks your quick reply....

It seems to be a problem of the installation on the PC I used during the last days
There is installed B4R Version 2.51 and Arduino Version 1.8.8 using UNO Rev1
The situation can be reproduced.

This thread in the forum describes a similar situation https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/b4r-the-directory-name-is-invalid.112869/#post-703984
and gives a link for a solution https://www.b4x.com/android/forum/threads/not-receiving-logs-from-board.75685/#content

I'm sorry, there is no internet or cell phone signal in the facility. Today I searched for the problem in the forum and found the two links above.
Perhaps it is necessary to upgrade the two applications to newer versions to avoid the situation described.
But I expect with the update of the two installations, also one and more libraries runs for update. Without Internet connection, this does not give much sense, or?

I still think a hint in the documentation does make sense, may be with a remark to the Version of B4R and Arduino



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The application collects data from contaminated wastewater flows from oncology and radiology. The system is part of other monitoring and logging. The facility owner does not allow access to the LAN, and therefore no Internet. USB access for flash drives is also blocked. Compliance with these requirements was a prerequisite for the job.
The project can live with the limitation.
There is no cell phone signal in the system, so even the mobile has no internet access and is only used for PDF files.