Android Example [B4X] AS Scheduler - DayView

The following thread lists all the features that the DayView of the AS_Scheduler has.


Appointments Overview
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Appointment OverviewGap
The OverviewGap is always 8dip and it's per default enabled
ASScheduler_DayView1.AppointmentProperties.OverviewGap = True
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Blackout Day
A blackout day is a day where the user cannot add appointments. The day is blocked for interactions.
    Dim BlackoutStartDate As Long = WeekStartDate+DateTime.TicksPerDay*5
    ASSchedulerUtils.API.CreateBlackout(ASSchedulerUtils.CreateASScheduler_Blackout(0,BlackoutStartDate,BlackoutStartDate+DateTime.TicksPerDay))'2 days
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Working Hours
Defines a visual area that should represent working times. Appointments can still be created outside the area as usual.
ASScheduler_DayView1.WorkingProperties.Active = True
ASScheduler_DayView1.WorkingProperties.StartHour = 8
ASScheduler_DayView1.WorkingProperties.EndHour = 17
ASScheduler_DayView1.WorkingProperties.NonWorkingDays = Array As Int(ASSchedulerUtils.WeekDay_Saturday,ASSchedulerUtils.WeekDay_Sunday)
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ShowStartEndTime and ShowDuration
Better overview of the time and duration of an appointment.
    ASScheduler_DayView1.AppointmentProperties.ShowDuration = True
    ASScheduler_DayView1.AppointmentProperties.ShowStartEndTime = True

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Week Number and Month Name
In the designer you can set whether you want to have the week number and or the month name displayed.
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You can switch seamlessly from dark design to light design.
Have a look at the following thread:
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