iOS Code Snippet [B4X] [B4XPages] STRIPE Checkout - Credit card and Apple Pay

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Attached a project which demonstrates how to accept a STRIPE Payment within your app. It is based on the information on this page:

On iOS it also allows the use of APPLE PAY.

Unfortunately, Google Pay does not seem to work for me, not sure why. If anyone can work that out, please let me know.

Please forgive the naming convention, it originally was a test for APPLE PAY, but then through the power of B4XPAGES, I realized it will work with ANDROID with only minor tweaks.

It uses a Webview to display the a Standard STRIPE Checkout screen.

  1. You need you own stripe keys:
  2. replace the lines with your own keys
    Stripe Keys:
    #if StoreRelease
    StripeAPIKey = "pk_LIVE_XXXX"
    StripeOtherKey = "sk_LIVE_XXXX"
    StripeAPIKey = "pk_test_XXXX"
    StripeOtherKey = "sk_test_XXXX"
    #end if
        #End If
  3. If you are using the B4A code you need to put the keys in the manifest file.
  4. For iOS you will need to change the Certificate and Provisionfiles

In a real app, you will need to setup your products, the doSession() function has a product hardcoded.

You will also need to handle the Success and Cancel results.

Sub wvApple_OverrideUrl (Url As String) As Boolean
    Log($"Override ? (${Url})"$)
    If (Url.Contains("cancel.html")) Then
        wvApple.Visible = False
        xui.MsgboxAsync("Cancelling. Do something ","Hi")
        'handle cancelling here
    else if (Url.contains("success.html")) Then
        wvApple.Visible = False
        xui.MsgboxAsync("Success! Do something ","Hi")
        'Handle success here
    End If  
    Return False
End Sub
The StripeClass is a subset of a much larger class which will handle credit card payments without a webview. Please message me if you would like to know more.

If you use this code, please consider donating,



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After loading and the payment page is shown, there is a small "back arrow", looks like it is coming from stripe
how to erase it or not allow to show?

Andrew (Digitwell)

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That is correct. This is a cancel button. Normally your logo appears next to it. If you press it you should get the cancel URL being called.

There is no way to remove it.