1-No More Direct Connection to The Database Server (All Clients Now Consume the Restful Service);
2-Client and Delivery Boy Apps Are Now Different (This Was to Avoid Adding Background Localization to The Client Side);
3-All Admin Pages Are Now Using B4xtable;
4-Added A Full Point of Sale Module for In Restaurant Sales from Admin App;
5-Users Can Now Delete Their Accounts (This Is a Requirement on The Appstore);
6-Client App Home Screen Revamp to Add an Image Slider;
7-African Mtn Mobile Money Gateway API Added (Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Guinea Bissau, Ivory Coast, Rwanda, South Africa and Uganda);
8-Application Now Support These Languages, And You Can Add More;
Languages = Array As String("English","Français","Italiano","Español","Português","Deutsch")
9-Kitchen Dashboard Added to Admin App;
10-You Can Now Track Delivery Boy in Real Time;
11-You Can Now Track You Financial Transactions and Request a New Payment When the First One Failed;
11-The Delivery Boy Can Also Mobile Money Request on Payment on Spot at Delivery Location;
12-You Can Now Set the Delivery Boy Commissions and Pay Them Deliveries Wise;
13-You Can Now Add the Same Item to Cart with Different Configurations;
14-Added Sliding Menu to Admin App to Give More Room to Ui/Ux;
15-Added Pdf Reports for Transactions and Deliveries;
16-You Can Now Add a Set of Products That Are on Promotion and Advertise on The Home Page.
17-Added Normal and Promotional Prices to Items;
18-You Can Manually Added Delivery Addresses To Clients.
19-The Kitchener can Now Update Order Status;
20-Smal Stock Management;
21-Added Social Logins(Apple,Facebook,Google)
22- And Many More.

FOOD HUNTER – Single restaurant Food delivery app with delivery boy is a cross platform B4X. The app for single restaurant who provide food delivery to their clients, it can use this app for cafe, pizza, burger, fast-food, or any other restaurant products. with this app user can check all menu items, and ingredients (or toppings) of menu items, you can order from app and get delivery at home

Application features :
    • Restaurants menu items with ingredients(toppings)
    • User can choose Topping
    • Home page with categorised menu
    • Cart details on same screen
    • Add multiple items on cart
    • Menu item details with
      • Food item name
      • Food item description
      • Food Item Picture
      • Toppings of Food Items
    • Checkout from cart
    • Complete checkout process
      • Add Name
      • Select address from map
      • Save address into app
      • phone number
      • Provide email id
      • Add Notes
      • Payment type : by cash or by mobile money
    • To Place Home Delivery orders
      • 1. Choose address from your previously saved address
      • 2. Add New address by Using google map to share your location while place order, you don’t need to type address.
    • Complete detail of order
      • Order Placed time
      • Order amount & restaurant detail
      • Ordered item details
    • Total 4 Order status
      • Order Placed
      • Order Processing
      • Out for delivery
      • Delivered order
    • User order history
    • Order detail with status & item details
    • Favourite list of Menu items
    • Tearms & condition
    • About us page
    • Login user with mobile number
    • Push notification with firebase
    • Order status push notification

Delivery Boy Features :
    • Login from same app
    • Set presence
    • Check new Orders
    • Order History
    • Order detail with name, address, contact no & item detail
    • Call customer or show route on map
    • Picked order & deliver order
    • Get notified on new order assigned
Admin Panel Features :
  • Add Restaurant Menu
  • Add menu categories
  • Add menu ingredients (toppings)
  • Check new orders and order details
  • Add delivery boy
  • Assign order to delivery boy
  • on dashboard check order report
  • send push notification
  • print kitchen ticket
  • print PDF invoice
  • powerful reporting system

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Is there a DEMO of the admin-panel (in B4J)?