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B4XPassword Library v1.3
Hi, I wanted to share this library that I made.
EDIT: I have updated it to v1.2 which corrects the ASCII table values. rnd uses one value higher for the second value.
v1.3 now generates a password between interval min and max. so 1 means 1 char and 10 means 10. ThRuST Logic :)

Example: If Randy = 1 Then RandChar1 = Rnd(49, 58) since ASCII 57 = 9
Enough science!! Download and play :)

Usage: (pass min and max lenght)
' Use it like this
    Dim MyPassword As String
    MyPassword = B4XPassword.Randomize_Password(3, 10)

Hopefully someone finds it useful.

Here's is B4XPasswords v1.3 code module
' B4XPassword Generator Library by ThRuST
' v1.2     2022-06-30    Corrected the ASCII table chars.
' v1.3     2022-06-31     The generator now uses a min and max value for varied lenght.
' Random lenght should work between the intervals now.

' Reference: https://hscboards.fandom.com/wiki/ASCII_Codes

' Shared with the B4X community.
' Play around with the GUI min and max to find the parameter you prefer.
' Have fun :-)

Sub Process_Globals
    Private fx As JFX
    Private Randy As Int
    Private RandChar1, RandChar2 , RandChar3, RandChar4, RandChar5 As Int
    Private PassStr(5000) As String
    Private MyPass As String
End Sub

' Randomize a password with min and max parameter.
' A randomized password between the min and max range will be generated.
' Example usage: string = B4XPassword.Randomize_Password(3,10)
' This will randomize a password with lenght between 3 and 10
Public Sub Randomize_Password(PassMin As Int, PassMax As Int)
    ' Reset result string
    MyPass = ""
    ' Randomize ASCII int
    Dim Randy As Int
    Dim PassLgt As Int = Rnd(PassMin, PassMax + 1)
    ' Loop begins
    For i = 1 To PassLgt
        Randy = Rnd(1, 6)
        If Randy = 1 Then RandChar1 = Rnd(49, 58)
        If Randy = 2 Then RandChar2 = Rnd(69, 91)
        If Randy = 3 Then RandChar3 = Rnd(97, 123)
        If Randy = 4 Then RandChar4 = 45 ' -
        If Randy = 5 Then RandChar5 = 33 ' !
        If Randy = 1 Then PassStr(i) = Chr(RandChar1)
        If Randy = 2 Then PassStr(i) = Chr(RandChar2)
        If Randy = 3 Then PassStr(i) = Chr(RandChar3)
        If Randy = 4 Then PassStr(i) = Chr(RandChar4)
        If Randy = 5 Then PassStr(i) = Chr(RandChar5)
        ' Store char array in string
        MyPass = MyPass & PassStr(i)
    ' Pass it back
    Return MyPass
End Sub

Note about this files:
v1.3 is now available as device specific libraries for B4A and B4J. (B4A version also works with B4i but shows as v1.0) :)👍
EDIT: The b4xlib version is uploaded anew since it works. The last file is the b4xlib so that's all you need for all platforms.

Credits to @stevel05 for the solution to how to make a b4xlib.



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Not at home at the moment, will take a look when I am.


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The lib zip file should not contain a folder, make sure that the .bas and manifest are at the first level in the zip.


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@stevel05 How embarrassing, I have programmed all my life by still, am not smarter than a 5th grade. Hat off for the B4X Messiahs 🎓🤓👍
I learned to create a b4xlib, cool


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b4xlib knowledge might make it in here.. Tadaa CODE BIBLE 🤓👍👍