B4A Class [B4X] Button and ToggeButton with images

Hi i share my first controls, i use a lot of images on buttons and i need one.

Sh_19-07-19A.png Sh_19-07-19B.pngXUIImgButton-04-08-2019.png XUILabel-04-08-2019.png

This classes handle the label and image sizes, plus handle the spaces and margins.

Updated with new features and controls!! Next time will be the EditField with an image a great idea of @peacemaker.

XUIImageBotton and XUIImageTogleBotton controls haves this features:

Image: the filename to be loaded from the resources

Image orientation:
  • LEFT: classic <image> <space> <label> on the left, its have an
  • CENTER: the same than left but on the center
  • BOTTOM: the image are top of the label, both are centered
Label orientation:
  • LEFT
Special features:
XUIImageBotton features:
  • Pressed Color
  • Delay from base to pressed color
XUIImageTogleBotton features:
  • Pressed Color
  • IsPressed (propety)
  • PressedImageFileName: the filename of the image to be loaded from the resources when its pressed.

XUIAutoresizeLabel features

  • Auto Resize
The zip was reupload.
Updates on: https://github.com/alejandrojavierm/MyXUIControls


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