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I do a lot of x-platform coding. All my development work is on B4J and then I adjust the code for B4A.
As part of that adjustment I have to write different code for B4J and B4A and B4i (if I used that).

Since I use short and long/right click and since many of my 'buttons' are 'labels', click event handling requires a bit of repetitive work.

The Designer Script Extensions presents a method that can do this once and for all with the following short code snippet.
It will work with B4A, B4i, and B4J for Buttons, Labels, ImageViiews and Panels/Panes.

1. In designer add DDD.CollectViewsData to Script
2. Check DesignerUtils in Libraries Manager
3. Name the event of the affected views "X_C" - do not use designer tool to Generate Members (it will add conflicting event handlers)
4. In Initialize Sub of B4XMainPage initialize an instance of DDD and register it
5. If you want to include a view that is created by code at runtime, use dd.AddRuntimeView(...) to register it

#Region Xplatform Click Handling - Normal and Extra (LongClick or RightClick for B4J)
'Any Button, Label, ImageView, Panel/Panes with "X_C" as its event name will be handled by subs below
'Note: don't use this method for other types of views - it will be inconsistent across platforms
'The target event will be: ViewName_NormalClick and ViewName_ExtraClick 
#if B4J
Private Sub X_C_MouseClicked(eV As MouseEvent)
    Dim vdata As DDDViewData = dd.GetViewData(Sender)        'really fast: tested 4 msec per 100000 calls on B4J
    If eV.SecondaryButtonPressed Then CallSub(Me, vdata.name & "_ExtraClick") Else CallSub(Me, vdata.name & "_NormalClick")
End Sub
#Else If B4A Or B4i
Private Sub X_C_Click
    Dim vdata As DDDViewData = dd.GetViewData(Sender)
    CallSub(Me, vdata.Name & "_NormalClick")
End Sub
Private Sub X_C_LongClick
    Dim vdata As DDDViewData = dd.GetViewData(Sender)
    CallSub(Me, vdata.Name & "_ExtraClick")
End Sub
#End If
#End Region

To use, add target event handlers named after the view name (not the event name)

Private Sub Button1_NormalClick
    xui.MsgboxAsync("Hello World - Normal Click", "B4X")
End Sub

Private Sub Button1_ExtraClick        'Long (>300msec) or Right (B4J)
    xui.MsgboxAsync("Hello World - Extra Click", "B4X")
End Sub

Suggestions and comments are welcome, as are alternative approaches that you find useful.


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William Lancee

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I have made improvements.
1. More robust checking for presence of handlers
2. Cross-platform responses to Grouped views.


The code block is in attached project.

    'to group views and repond to all in a group, set their tags to a groupName
    'Button1.Tag = "GrpA"
    'and change the event handler to Private Sub GrpA_NormalClick(ViewName as String, View As B4XView)
    'the parameter can be used in logic flow
    'alternative grouping approach is to prefix the name of the views in a group with the group name and TWO underlines: GrpA__Button1
    'I prefer this one, it leaves the tag property available for other things, and it makes it obvious what is intended
    'However, the .tag method is useful when you are grouping the views in code instead of designer
    'Both methods will work with the attached code block
    'Example: Coded views - create and register a group of views
    Dim cnt As Int
    For i = 0 To 3
        For j = 0 To 2
            cnt = cnt + 1
            If i = 3 And (j = 0 Or j = 2) Then Continue
            Dim lbl As Label
            Dim lblx As B4XView = lbl
            lblx.SetColorAndBorder(xui.Color_Blue, 2dip, xui.Color_Blue, 25dip)
            lblx.SetTextAlignment("CENTER", "CENTER")
            lblx.Font = xui.CreateDefaultBoldFont(20)
            lblx.TextColor = xui.Color_White
            lblx.Text = IIf(cnt = 11, "0", cnt)
            Root.AddView(lbl, 200dip + j * 52dip, 300dip + i * 52dip, 50dip, 50dip)

            'Option 1: name method
            dd.AddRuntimeView(lbl, "GrpB__btn" & cnt, Root, Null)
            'Option 2: tag method
            'lblx.Tag = "GrpB"
            'dd.AddRuntimeView(lbl, "btn" & cnt, Root, Null)


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