B4A Library [B4X] Message view based on xCustomlistview

This is a lib I have written for a seperate project but I thought some may find it useful.

For B4A & B4i


It does everything I need for my project but if there's interest I'll add send/receive images & voice notes etc at some point or any other reasonable requests.

Currently it's for text only.

Received messages appear to the left, sent to the right. Drag a message to the right to reply to it directly. Tap (B4A) or drag downwards (B4i) a message to display what time it was sent or whatever else you want to display there. There are settings for automatically showing date & time after a certain period has elapsed, turning on/off reply option, colours etc etc.

Note this does NOT send or receive messages, that's down to you. This is for displaying messages only.

See the example for how to use. It's very simple. Bugs (probably loads), requests etc please post in this thread.

Updates -

V0.11 - minor bug fixes, hid some subs that should have been private.


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