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Hi everyone,

the following is a settings class which makes it absolutely easy to save as many settings as you want in one text field in a SQLite database table. You initialize it with the field name, table name, folder of db and db file name or just with the field name, table name and an SQL and then everything is a piece of cake. Call its methods to Load settings, Save Settings, Set setting field, Get setting field, Set "Saved settings" message, Set "Settings Loaded" message. The class is ready for the B4i map from json "bug" which does not allow you to change values in a map derived from json in B4i.

Edit - The settings table must have one row

Sub Class_Globals
    Private sField As String
    Private sTable As String
    Private mSets As Map
    Private connSettings As SQL
    Private saveSet As String = "The settings were saved."
    Private loadSet As String = "The settings were loaded."
    #IF B4i
        Dim hd As HUD
    #End If
End Sub

'Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed.
Public Sub Initialize(FieldInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings As String, TableInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings As String, FolderOfDB As String, DBFileName As String)
    sField = FieldInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings
    sTable = TableInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings
    connSettings.Initialize(FolderOfDB, DBFileName, False)
End Sub

Public Sub Initialize2(FieldInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings As String, TableInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings As String, conn As SQL)
    sField = FieldInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings
    sTable = TableInDBToLoadAndSaveTheSettings
    connSettings = conn
End Sub

Public Sub LoadSettings
    Dim cur As ResultSet
    Dim sSettings As String
        cur = connSettings.ExecQuery("SELECT " & EscapeSQLEntity(sField) & " FROM " & EscapeSQLEntity(sTable))
        Do While cur.NextRow
            sSettings = cur.GetString(sField)
            Dim jp As JSONParser
            Dim m As Map
            m = jp.NextObject
            'To avoid the bug of iOS - Maps derived from JSON cannot change
            For Each k As String In m.Keys
                mSets.Put(k, m.Get(k))
            'take only the first row
        #IF B4A
            ToastMessageShow(loadSet, True)
        #Else If B4i
            hd.ToastMessageShow(loadSet, True)
        #End If
        #IF B4A
            ToastMessageShow(LastException, True)
        #Else If B4i
            hd.ToastMessageShow(LastException, True)
        #End If
    End Try

End Sub

Public Sub Set(SettingName As String, SettingValue As Object)
    mSets.Put(SettingName, SettingValue)
End Sub

Public Sub Get(SettingName As String) As Object
    Return mSets.Get(SettingName)
End Sub

Public Sub SaveSettings
    Dim sSettings As String
    Dim jg As JSONGenerator
    sSettings = jg.ToString
    connSettings.ExecNonQuery2("UPDATE " & EscapeSQLEntity(sTable) & " SET " & EscapeSQLEntity(sField) & "=?", Array As String(sSettings))
    #IF B4A
        ToastMessageShow(saveSet, True)
    #Else If B4i
        hd.ToastMessageShow(saveSet, True)
    #End If
End Sub

Private Sub EscapeSQLEntity(sEntityName) As String
    Dim sb As StringBuilder
    If sEntityName.StartsWith("[") = False Then
    End If
    If sEntityName.EndsWith("]") = False Then
    End If
    Return sb.ToString
End Sub

Public Sub setSettingsSavedMessage(sMes As String)
    saveSet = sMes
End Sub

Public Sub setSettingsLoadedMessage(sMes As String)
    loadSet = sMes
End Sub
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