B4A Library [B4X] [XUI] AS DropDownBox - simple in app snackbar/notification/information panel

Alexander Stolte

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I spend a lot of time in creating views, like this and to create a high quality view cost a lot of time. If you want to support me and further views, then you can do it here by Paypal. :)
B4j: jXUI
B4a: XUi,StringUtils
B4i: iXUI


Swipe to hide.

Author: Alexander Stolte
Version: 1.02

  • ASDropDownBox
    • Events:
      • Click
    • Fields:
      • Tag As Object
    • Functions:
      • Class_Globals As String
      • getBase As B4XView
      • getLabel As B4XView
      • Hide
      • Initialize (CallBack As Object, EventName As String) As String
        Initializes the object. You can add parameters to this method if needed.
      • IsInitialized As Boolean
        Tests whether the object has been initialized.
      • setPadding (view_padding As Float) As String
      • setShowAlignment (alignment As String) As String
      • setShowAnimation (animation As String) As String
      • setShowAnimationDuration (duration As Int) As String
      • Show (parent As B4XView, text As String) As String
      • ShowAlignment_BOTTOM As String
      • ShowAlignment_TOP As String
      • ShowAnimation_NORMAL As String
    • Properties:
      • Base As B4XView [read only]
      • Label As B4XView [read only]
      • Padding
      • ShowAlignment
      • ShowAnimation
      • ShowAnimationDuration
  • 1.00
    • Release
  • 1.02
    • Add isVisible
    • Add AutoHideMs
Have Fun :)


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