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Hi everyone, I'm facing a problem with B4XComboBox, most probably, it is my fault, but I'm walking in circle for some time so, hope you will be able to help me.

I've just added a B4XComboBox on a default type application (for some reasons, I cannot use B4XPages, since I'm on Linux and the WineHQ installation is missing Robocopy.exe).
If I'm simply running the application, everything is fine, but if I try to make some adjustments on runtime, the ComboBox is missaligned, some elements are missing, etc. (I've attached a screen capture).

My runtime adjustment code is this one:
Runtime ComboBox adjustment: = 3dip
combo_devices.cmBox.Width = 70%x
combo_devices.cmBox.Height = label_device_select.Height
combo_devices.cmbBox.TextSize = label_device_select.TextSize
combo_devices.cmbBox.Left = label_device_select.Left + label_device_select.Width + 5dip

I found that the only property adjustment that is not damaging the mode the view is displayed is the TextSize
SetLayoutAnimated has the same bad behavior.

Once again, I'm quite sure I'm missing something, but cannot figure what.

Thank you in advance.


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since I'm on Linux and the WineHQ installation is missing Robocopy.exe
Simply delete the #CustomBuildAction at the top of B4XMainPage. You will only lose the automatic copying of the "shared files" to the project files folder.
It is however not related to the discussed issue.

B4XComboBox is made of a base panel (mBase) and a child spinner (cmbBox). You need to resize or move mBase and then resize cmbBox.
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