Android Question B4XDrawer extends under the notification/status bar?


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I am using the example from here:

When I am testing on an emulator, it looks fine. When I test on my own phone (Samsung Galaxy S10+) the app seems like it expands under the status bar / notification bar.

Is this supposed to be automatically calculated or do I have to calculate the notification bar and place the views under it?
I assume it was done automatically

The 2nd problem I am having is, when I bring a 2nd panel into view, it is not going to the correct position.
For example, I have Panel1 on the layout. I have Panel2 that is not visible in the designer window.
I would like to bring Panel2 into view so I do something like this:

Panel2.Top = Panel1.Top
Panel2.Left = Panel1.Left

It ends up looking like this

In my designer, I have it set up like this:

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Your layout is wrong. Click on the "check anchors" button and you will see it.
Split it into two layouts.

About the first problem, do you also see this behavior with the B4XDrawer example?

The layout is set to:


Should I set it to something else, move it, and THEN set it back to that?
If I use multiple layouts, do I need to create the drawer menu again on the 2nd layout?

This problem is with using the B4XDrawer example project. Since I could not create my own Drawer menu in my own project, I just decided to use the example project as my app and add on to it.
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