B4A Library B4XDrawer with right panel


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in the sample you find a modified version of B4XDrawer library.
I added a right panel.

I only tested it on B4A (it won't work in B4i without modifications).

I am using its variation to be able to have 2 menus (left and right)

I see that if you drag the menu from the left completely to the right ... the menu is "hooked" and both open at the same time.

I would also like to know if you can set different width of left menu and right menu.

Thank you



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  • V1.53 Modified
    • Add LeftPanelEnabled
    • BugFixes on the right panel
    • If LeftPanelEnabled or RightPanelEnabled = False then the gesture is disabled for this area
    • ExtraWidth is now public as in the original class
comming soon: B4I
Thanks :)