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I'm using an imput template, but it is show at top, where I have some buttons, and part of the input dialog is hidden. I'd like to show it a little bit centered, but without having to use a custom layout.

This is my code:

        input.lblTitle.Text = "Title"
        Wait For (dialog.ShowTemplate(input, "OK", "", "CANCELAR")) Complete (Result As Int)
        If Result = xui.DialogResponse_Positive Then
            Dim res As Int = input.Text 'no need to check with IsNumber
            Log("producto: " & res)
        End If

I've tried input.GetPanel(dialog).Top = 150dip, before the showtemplate, but it makes no difference.

Thank you!


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It is related to the B4XDialog.PutAtTop property that is set automatically when you use the input template. However there is a reason for this. If the dialog will be centered the keyboard will hide the dialog (at least on smaller devices).

You can change the dialog's top position like this:
Dim rs As ResumableSub = Dialog.ShowTemplate(InputTemplate, "OK", "", "CANCEL")
Dialog.Base.Top = 50%y - Dialog.Base.Height / 2
Wait For (rs) Complete (Result As Int)
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