Wish B4xlib wth possibility to Embed .a, .xml and .jar files

Alberto Iglesias

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This is not true, because if have some process internally on IDE to split the B4a and B4i portions of each platform, on B4xlib can have some common interface making this 2 libraries internally, in one cross-platform library.

Not just using the "same" B4x code, but using two different platforms and libraries in one common library.

This is exactly Xamarin Forms Cross Libraries do! Share the same layer, but inside have libraries for two different platforms.

Is like when you using B4i, you can see just the library created (.a, .h, .xml) and if you using B4A, the IDE can see just .jar and .xml


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There is very little benefit in packaging the XML and Jar file or XML and .a / .h files in the same package.

In the later case the XML files are on the PC and the .a / .h files are on the Mac, so it is not practical. In the case of B4A and B4J it is also not very useful as the jar file will need to be extracted anyway. This means that the IDE also need to check somehow whether the jar file is updated or not. The advantage of downloading a single file over downloading a single zip file is very small...