Android Question [B4XPages Phone Shake Event]

Small Petit

Hello, please is there any simple example on phone shake event on B4XPages? What I have found is on Activity in this link: Android shake event. Unfortunately I tried adapting it for my B4XPages work but it is not working. Erel 'advises' that we switch to B4XPages but it seems most tutorials here are on Activity with no update on how to adapt them for B4XPages project. This assumption that everyone is an 'expert' does not help newbies at all. I am saying this because I have some experience in Java, Scala, Kotlin, Dart, Fantom, JavaScript, Python, etc but all these languages make programming scary....very scary!!!. Here I am at B4X that simplifies things and make programming so easy, yet no solid documentation. It's frustrating.

The B4X booklet....yes I have gone through but so many things are hidden. Thank you.