Android Question B4XProgressbar - Reverse top and bottom


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Hi Everyone !

I use B4XProgressbar in one of my app,


In the vertical List Orientation, I have noticed that 0 is on the top and 100% is on the bottom.
I wonder if that would be possible to invert this, as the 0 will be at bottom and 100 the top. Havent seen a way to inverse it...
I try to play with the color but it do not solve the problem :)
I've seen in B4XProgressbar :

If vertical Then
        cvs.DrawLine(cvs.TargetRect.CenterX, 0, cvs.TargetRect.CenterX, cvs.TargetRect.Bottom, bcolor, thickness)
        cvs.DrawLine(cvs.TargetRect.CenterX, 0, cvs.TargetRect.CenterX,  Value / 100 * cvs.TargetRect.Bottom, pcolor, thickness)

I try to invert y1 and y2 in the Drawline function, but i just get a blank line ...

What would be the best way to reverse vertical top and bottom ... to match 0= bottom and 100= top ?
Thank you