B4J Question B4XTable SQLite version (syntax errors)


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I have been using TableViews for displaying data in a large project (B4J 8.80) . Project also uses SQLite (#AdditionalJar: sqlite-jdbc-3.34.0) . It works ok, without errors. But i am facing big problems with RAM consumption (and others) , so i would like to migrate to B4XTable.

But when i add the reference to library B4XTable (1.21) , several SQL sentences causes to crash the app because of syntax errors. (without using B4XTable yet, just adding the reference)

It seems that this reference to B4XTable causes the app to use SQLite version 3.7.2 , regardless what Additional jar is used. And it seems that some of the syntax i use was wrong in that version, but apparently it is OK using later versions of SQLite.

¿is there some way to solve this without decompiling B4XTable library or changing the SQL sentences syntax? (there are a lot ...and i am not sure i can solve all the syntax errors)