B4J Code Snippet B4XVonage - Send SMS, MMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Video, Audio Messages etc etc via Vonage


One learns new things everyday. @micro just pointed me out to this. A rather awesome paid service for all types of messaging APIs. Well, they give you 2 pounds to check their API etc ect.


1. Create a Vonage account and get your api keys and secrets. You will know where to put them on the attached code.
2. For testing, you need to whitelist your mobile number with them by sending them a whatsapp message. The rest of everything else seems to want a business account.

Only tested and working are whatsapp & sms messaging. I cant seem to receive the image whatsapps as much as they are saying they are sent. Perhaps someone else might see something I am missing.

We are using REST API and OkttpUtils2


Its MIT, do as you wish..


PS: I wonder if we have any other services like this one out there #ThinkingAloud.