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    A few years ago I created the Baby Names - Simple! application, which turned out to be quite successful. This app allows to search by starting letter, meaning, origin ...etc... Even though I liked the app, I still found it difficult to find names. I mean, when we search for baby names, people usually don't think: "I want a name that starts with 'a'", or "I want an Slavic name"!

    I wanted to create a more organic way of finding names. That's were I came up with the algorithm of "Baby Names Explorer".


    With this new app, it's much simpler to find names. Just enter a name, and the app will suggest names based on this name that you like. I call it "Explorer", because you can jump from name to name, and the app learns from you likes. As you go, you kind of go deeper into the names you like, and get hopefully to the one you like.

    I like to think of it as an Onion, where you go though layers of names that make you cry, until you get to the center and you're happy.

    The algorithm works by using some if the collected (non personal!) data from the other app: Likes by country, popularity, group of names that people liked.... and also takes into account other typical factors, such as amount of letters, similarities, origins ...etc... to recommend names in a more clever way.

    The app also can suggest names based on your favorites, so hopefully that will be another chance at getting names you like.

    The suggestions have a "confidence level" indicator, which is the long line you see under the name. The longer it is, the more the algorithm is confident on it's suggestion.

    Some cool things to test:
    • The app can find names for both genders: boy and girl. So if you like a girl name, the app can find a boy name that matches.
    • you can find names based on everything, since it's based on words. For example, you can generate names that match "flower", "winter", "god" or any other word.
    • You can force the app to suggest names with a certain number of letters and a certain pattern of letters. Just add "*" in the search. i.e. "ma***" will return names like "Mason, Malia, Maiya, Mateo" ....
    • Pronunciation for most names
    • Origins, meanings, popularity
    Special for B4X forum users (you are my beta testers):
    • Search for the name "B4X", and you'll unlock the ad-free version for free.
    Some technical information:
    I use the XUI xCustomListView (expandable) for the list. Also, the slideMenuWrapper for the side menu.

    note: please report any bugs and suggestions here directly. I haven't had the opportunity to test the app on different devices, so it may be unstable. Thanks

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  2. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Now that I think about it. I asked my parents to name my kids because I just couldn’t figure out what names I would give them. They chose beautiful names anyway Olothando a variant of Love. Your app makes a lot of sense hey. Congratulations
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  3. MarkusR

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    nice app idea :)
    my daughter is already 4+ years old, my "wife" (from Thailand) not suggested a good name before birth.
    in the end i suggested Annita and that is her name today (my online girl friend / acquaintance had the name Anne :D )
    daughters Thai nick name is "Ei-un"
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  4. hookshy

    hookshy Well-Known Member Licensed User

    I looks awsome ! very good app.
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  5. jmon

    jmon Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Thank you!
    I love this name :)
  6. ilan

    ilan Expert Licensed User

    i like the design, really nice. 5 stars from me.

    what i would recommend you is when the app opens show something instead of the very big empty space. it looks like the app is not finished only after you enter a name and make a search you see the app design. maybe show on app start or when search bar is empty the most used names with %


    John .... 21%
    James ...18%

    at least it would not look so empty.

    best luck :)
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  7. jmon

    jmon Well-Known Member Licensed User

    Yes, I was also looking for something to put there. Your idea is good, thanks for the suggestion. And thank you for the 5 stars!
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