Android Question Baffling error: unknown member

RB Smissaert

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Have code module, holding various "enums", one of them being this one:

Sub Process_Globals
    Type DataBase(Main As Int, _
                  NON_CLINICAL As Int, _
                  KVS As Int)
    Public eDataBase As DataBase
    eDataBase.Main = 0
    eDataBase.NON_CLINICAL = 1
    eDataBase.KVS = 2

I am using this in a Sub in Main:

Sub CountObjectRows(bShowProgress As Boolean, strObject As String, iDatabase As Int)
    Dim strSQL As String
'    strSQL = "create table if not exists OBJECT_ROWS(OBJECT_NAME TEXT, ROWS INTEGER)"
'    If iDatabase = Enums.eDataBase.Main Then
'        General.cConn.SQLMain.ExecNonQuery(strSQL)
'    Else
'        If iDatabase = Enums.eDataBase.NON_CLINICAL Then
'            General.cConn.SQLNon_Clinical.ExecNonQuery(strSQL)
'        Else
'            General.cConn.SQL_KVS.ExecNonQuery(strSQL)
'        End If
'    End If

    strSQL = "create table if not exists OBJECT_ROWS(OBJECT_NAME TEXT, ROWS INTEGER)"
    Select Case iDatabase
        Case Enums.eDataBase.Main
        Case Enums.eDataBase.NON_CLINICAL
        Case Enums.Enums.eDataBase.KVS
    End Select

The commented code block is fine, but the next code block shows an error:
Main - 16338: Syntax error.
Main - 16337: Unknown member: enums

Any idea what is wrong with this code block?