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Previosuly I could work successfully with bal2bil convertor. I tried today and cmd line gave me many errors but at the end it said 1.bil created successfully. Maybe is it because of the new materialicons and fontawesome ? or can there be any other reason for the errors ?

And when i try to open the bil file it says : Unknown type 13 and doesnt load.

I have so many views in designer and we just have bal2bil so I developed for android first for just that reason but i can't use it now :)

Any solutions ?
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Have you updated it to the latest version?
I have today converted a layout from B4a to B4i without problems.
The problem is that when I start the designer and my iPad is connected, B4i-Bridge crashes and the layout is not displayed on the iPad.
The same problem comes even if I only a view of the layout copy and paste into a new layout.
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Alberto Iglesias

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You can try this one:
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