B4J Tutorial [BANano] Creating PDF Documents with jsPDF using BANanoJsPDFAD


As you are aware, the BANanoJsPDFAD tool is out. Its developed using jsPDF and it uses the abstract designer for you to create pdf Documents.

You can insert text, triangles, images, ellipses, circles, annotations, links, lines, rectangles, rounded rectangles and more.

Step 1

Drop and jsPDFDoc, specify properties and then add some jsPDF??? elements to it like text, line, rectangles. Each elements has an X Y position and some other properties you need to specify.


The output for the main page as per this example is:



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Mashiane, thanks for the fast response. However, I`m getting an error in the log window when I open my code "An item with the same key has already been added."
So it won`t compile...



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Hi @james_sgp , I see, this seems to be a b4j error, sadly, but I could also be wrong.

Usually when the IDE starts, it needs to find a zip file to update the library listing. This happens from time to time too on my side, even when I run apps. I sometimes close and open the IDE. I sadly cannot reproduce it.

Before you run the app, are there any other logs that show that are errors. Perhaps look at the pre-run error logs.