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    Hi there

    Attached is a project I am working on to test the BANanoSQL crud functionality using wait. This is meant to enable one to create/read/update/delete records on demand via button clicks. These are the buttons

    • Create Flight - add flight to the db
    • Read Flight - read an existing record from db
    • Update Flight - update an existing record
    • Delete Flight - delete record from db.
    I have a bug with initial calls when each of the buttons are clicked, i'm sure I'm missing something. Create and Read are supposed to run a method to check if there is a record, this is a separate defined method. It does not fire initially.

    To reproduce the bug

    • Generate the project and open the index.html file in browser
    • Open Console Log
    • Click Create Flight about 5 times - this is supposed to check for a record and then if it does not exist add it.
    • Click your browser refresh button
    • Click Create Flight 5 more times
    • Check the records in storage (the same record has been added over and over again)
    • Click Delete Flight

    All the buttons seem to be working only the second time around. Thanks in advance.

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