B4J Question [BANano] [SOLVED] 'Empty string passed to getElementById()'.

Discussion in 'B4J Questions' started by Mashiane, Jan 25, 2019.

  1. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Hi there

    The above question is being reported by Firefox developer. Phew, been wondering the cause as the counter was showing 15 on another project. This is being raised on the .Empty call, the Flights is being displayed on the page.

    Sub Init
    'create a div
        Dim el As BANanoElement
        el = BANano.GetElement(
    $"<div id="res">Flights</div>"$)
    End Sub
    Am i missing something or should be adding something somewhere? I'm busy exploring BANanoSQL as a possible backend so long.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Kiffi

    Kiffi Well-Known Member Licensed User

    you can ignore this warning. Firefox is a little too sensitive in this respect.
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  3. Mashiane

    Mashiane Expert Licensed User

    Perfect thanks, I was concerned that Im writing goobly-gook code or something. Ta!
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